Projects to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

natural light window

Every home looks much better in natural light instead of fashionable artificial lights.

There is no doubt to say that you may find so many attractive pieces of artificial light in the market but in actual the impact of natural light, use to be incredible. It automatically boosts mood and happiness of family members and the great news is that it costs nothing. That’s definitely great.

The sad fact is that most of the homes are not designed by keeping this concept in mind. People often have a very small area to welcome the direct sunlight.

So, if you got the idea of natural light at a later stage then also it doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything now. There are few tricks to make things possible as per your choice.

Go through the tips and tricks below to implement the natural light arrangement in your home:

White paint is the perfect choice for eaves:

Have you ever noticed the overhangs created from your roof? They create the first impression on eyes when you look out of your window and they are well known as eaves.

The fact is that when they are colored with dark pain, they create a darker impression for the light inside. The best idea is to paint them with light color and let them reflect the natural light inside your rooms. Even if your home project is over, you can repaint them within very less time and at low cost.

Wall ceiling paint ideas:

You might have ignored the idea to paint your walls with light color but the impact of light paint on room light is really impressive. When interior walls are painted with light color, they reflect more natural light inside and your living space will naturally have a brighter appearance. Set the Light Reflectance Value somewhere around white by reducing the impact of black.

Gloss paint can do miracles:

Most of you might have heard about gloss paint. Professionals reveal that higher gloss level in interior paint means more reflectance and the process naturally leads to more light bounce off.

The higher value of gloss can automatically create a mirror-like effect in your rooms and you will have a more natural light inside.

Reflective tiles in bathroom and kitchen:

Here is one more interesting thing to do. You can prefer to install latest glass tiles in your bathroom and kitchen as they create 100% natural light impact.

If you don’t want to invest in glass tiles then next option is glossy ceramic tiles that are capable enough to create attractive brighter finish in the area.

Install skylights:

They are amazing choice to welcome natural light inside. The idea of skylights was recently launched but it got a positive response from the market and today most of the homeowners in urban cities prefer to install them.

Skylights are also named as a window on the roof. They have the ability to allow brightness of sunlight inside the home so that everything can stay beautiful around.

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