Roof Repair for Flipping Homes

roof repair image

We provided some DIY repair projects you can complete to flip a home and save some money in your remodel budget. However, some projects are too large for DIY and require hiring a professional service to complete them.

One major repair project that comes up often in attempting to flip a home is the roof. You will need to decide whether it is worth the investment to repair the roof in order to increase the odds of selling the home.

If you feel the roof repair will significantly increase the resale value than you should do it but in most cases a roof is not a profitable investment. That being said, if the home won’t pass an inspection without a new roof, you will have no choice.

Insured & Certified Roof Installer

Don’t cut corners when it comes time to hire the service for roof installation or repair. Do your research and be sure to hire a professional with an excellent reputation and quality reviews from past customers.

Be sure the professional roofer is insured. Your remodel budget will be destroyed if you foot the bill for injuries that occur to the roofer or anyone in his crew during the repair or installation.

You also need to be sure the roofer is certified in his state. The reason this is important is that most home insurance companies will not cover a roof if it is repaired or installed by a professional that doesn’t have certification.

This is another reason it is important to do the repair on the books and not under the table. You might be able to cut costs by paying the professional in cash but you will then not receive the proper certification and documentation for the service on the roof.

A roof repair or installation can require 1-2 weeks to complete depending on the time of year and how busy the contractor or professional is. Be sure to schedule the service the moment you feel it will be a necessity to flip the home.

You should be able to recoup the cost of the roof repair or close to it even if you are unable to profit from installing a new roof on the home.

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