Tear Out Carpet. Install Hardwood Floor.

beautiful hardwood floor

The number one factor that sells a home is the location. There is nothing you can do about that. But there are several other proven factors and repairs that can increase the chance of flipping a home for a profit.

Homes with natural light flip fast as do homes with new roofs and other foundational elements and utilities. From a décor standpoint, it’s been proven that homes with hardwood floor and not carpet will flip faster.

If the home you want to flip has carpet floors, it is time to tear out the carpet and install hardwood floor instead or refinish the hardwood floor beneath the carpet.

Why Do Home Buyers Love Hardwood?

Installing hardwood floor or even refinishing a hardwood floor is not a cheap or easy project so you probably want to know why do home buyers love hardwood floor before you proceed in the project.

One reason hardwood floor is popular is the durability. A true hardwood floor is able to last the entire lifetime of a home. Hardwood and even laminate floor is very durable and will last longer than carpet. A carpet only lasts from 5-10 years on average.

If a home has hardwood floor the buyer can be confident they will not need to upgrade the floor or invest in it after purchasing the home as it will meet their needs for many years.

Another reason is that hardwood floor is very easy to maintain. You only need to wipe down a hardwood floor with a dry mop every couple of days and sometimes with a washcloth or cleaning rag. You need to vacuum carpet much more often and you need to hire professional carpet cleaners near you once or twice each year.

NOTE: If you decide to not tear out the carpet, at a minimum you need to hire a carpet cleaner before the first open house. Learn more at naturescarechemdry.com.

You will also find a hardwood floor is more suited for pets especially if a cat or kitten has been declawed. You do not want the pet to scratch or claw the floor but this often is not a concern with older and trained animals whereas even old animals will sometimes urinate or go to the bathroom on a carpet floor and create a very harmful stain.

The last reason that hardwood floor is so popular is because it is very versatile. A hardwood floor can complement almost any type of décor or motif. Hardwood floor suits a traditional or classic home or a modern home and can be decorated with bold and bright rugs if a little more color is needed in a room or home. You can place sleek and contemporary furniture on hardwood floor or more plush and comfortable furniture too.

You can see there are several reasons why home buyers prefer hardwood floor over carpet and why you should invest some of your home remodel and repair budget into the home you want to flip into installing a new and beautiful hardwood floor.

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